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There is an array of benefits to switching to synthetic grass and all of them can be easily enjoyed by hiring the right professionals who are highly skilled and trained at installing it. At Synscape Australia, we make sure that our clients are given tailor-made offers depending on the layout of their property and the size of the landscape they would like to cover with artificial grass. Irrespective of these dimensions, however, we are known for our skills and precise additions that make you wonder how your new grass can look so good so easily. Our reliability in this industry has made us the trusted choice across the greater Winston Hills, NSW area.

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Synthetic Lawn Installation

Synthetic Lawn Installation

Synthetic or faux grass can be very easy to maintain and can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. Our excellent synthetic grass service ensures that our customers are given a higher overall life expectancy of grass of up to 15 years. If installed by skilled professionals, you never have to worry about any discolouration, patchiness, weeds, or even mud. We make sure that the clients we are serving can reap the rewards of this great alternative to natural grass at affordable prices.
Synthetic Lawn Supply

Synthetic Lawn Supply

Fake lawns, without a doubt, are the ideal choice to make for numerous residential and commercial spaces that want to ensure that maintenance and upkeep are never an issue. Given that this grass does not need to be watered for given timely upkeep, it makes for the perfect alternative for regular lawns. It stays green all year round and, to the untrained eye, looks completely natural. We are happy to supply faux grass and lawns at market-competitive rates and help our clients choose the right variety for their specific needs.
Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Attractive landscapes can significantly increase the property value of any given space. It adds immense visual appeal, and relying on artificial lawns reduces all of the maintenance and upkeep requirements. However, in case you do need to make new additions or want to replace a patch, synthetic lawn maintenance is easier to do than regular lawn maintenance. Strategic landscape construction can reduce energy costs and relying on fake grass can make all the difference in the long run when it comes to the expenses you would otherwise endure for your landscape.
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Customers Speak
by George Mason on Synscape Australia
They were very quick with their job!

I hired them for their synthetic grass service and was very pleased with how things turned out. The grass is fantastic and looks just like the real thing. I was amazed at the finish and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for fake grass.

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Precise Additions for Lush Finishes

We, at Synscape Australia, make sure that you are given artificial grass installation service by highly trained professionals with the right set of skills. After going the extra mile and figuring out the best ways to tackle the requirements of our clients for upwards of 8 years, we are today more confident than ever before in our ability to provide exceptional results. We also make sure that the grass we install is of the highest quality possible and if needed can be replaced in patches without the need to replace the entire layout. This makes us the trusted choice across the greater Winston Hills, NSW area.

Reliability and Skills

We promote fake grass to our customers as the ideal alternative, given that this grass can last throughout the year and even withstand harsh weather and deterioration that would otherwise destroy natural grass. Trusting us for your requirements will give you the results you desire without the need to worry about expensive maintenance costs.

We Are Branching Out Further

After serving our current community for years on end and helping them make the switch to a more effective grass solution for their landscape, we are now branching out further. The same level of professionalism and dedication along with the same reasonable prices can now be found in the following areas:

  • Toongabbie, NSW
  • Constitution Hill, NSW
  • Northmead, NSW
  • Bella Vista, NSW
  • Glenwood, NSW

Contact us today for great offers on synthetic lawns that will truly leave you in awe. Our expertise is unmatched when it comes to dealing with fake grass. We also make sure that we use the best modern techniques and technologies during our installation for flawless precision. We look forward to your call.